Bespoke Rings

Each ring is made to enhance the precious stones’ shape, colour and natural beauty.

Each stone is housed in a hand constructed ring, designed and made by Danielle using her signature range of bold forms and shapes to celebrate each stone’s unique qualities.



Precious hand-cut sheets of silver and gold patterned with purposeful drilling and riveting come together to create a collection of one-off earrings and necklaces. Harsh shapes and jagged edges are contrasted by delicate detailing and a soft matte finish.



Weaponry for the everyday warrior.

Each bullet is set with two gemstones - one at each end. It glides and shoots through circular and square shapes and lets each stone shine out while you fidget with your ammunition.



Little creatures of wild intent - strong shapes, lines and structures make up these baby buggies.

Informed by architecture and curved planetary rings, each piece is paired with thick square form lines and chubby tubing to create designs that are well balanced and never to be replicated.