Image taken by fellow jeweller and studio mate Zoe Grigoris

Image taken by fellow jeweller and studio mate Zoe Grigoris


Jewellery & Object — Designer & Maker

I am a jewellery and object designer and maker currently based in my shared studio at the JamFactory, Adelaide South Australia.

Having graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Visual Arts Specialisation (Jewellery & Metal) in 2015 I was grateful to be accepted into the world renowned JamFactory associate program which I completed in 2017.

My first experiences with jewellery was watching my mother get ready each morning. From small detailed boxes she would pull out beautiful, intricate and precious remnants from years gone by. Each had a unique design and story of its own - some of these objects had been passed down and held memories of generations. I aim to create innovative and contemporary pieces that elude to a sense of history and time. I hope to handcraft timeless pieces that evoke an understated luxury with a refined playfulness.

Each collection brings with it a new set of rules - in terms of making and in terms of inspiration. I wish I could encapsulate my practice into just a few words or point to one or two places or subjects that I endeavour to visually explore but I find my inspiration often morphs and changes as soon as I note it down. From architectural silhouettes, still and wild landscapes, colours found only on beetle wings to the simple feel and texture of a scarf - and so each collection is unique.

Though each collection is nuanced, they all share an underlying core aesthetic. This is embodied by the contrasts in shapes, bold forms and beautiful structures coupled with innovative making and quality craftsmanship which define my practice.